New Jersey Butterfly Club

A chapter of the North American Butterfly Association (NABA)

New Jersey Butterfly Club Archives

Recent NABA-NJ Butterfly Club Presentations

The Club meets nine times a year and most meetings have a presentation about butterflies or other topics of interest to members. Whenever possible, the presentations are recorded and they can be can be viewed on our YouTube Page.

Some of our older programs are listed below.

Wander, Wade (March 2020). "Moths, Monkeys, Morphos and More of Panama" Photos from a tour that a small group of chapter members took in August 2019́. 79 pages, 37 MB.

Wander, Sharon (February 2020). "Brilliant Butterflies of Panama" Photos from a tour that a small group of chapter members took in August 2019́. 118 pages, 59 MB.

Annibal, Garry (January 2020). "2019 Year in Review" An array of photos from the NABA-NJ Club field trips, counts, picnic and other outings in 2019. 72 pages, 141 MB.

Smith, Colleen (October 2019). "The Conservation and Ecology of Native Bees and Other Pollinators" A discussion of the biodiversity of NJ native bees, threats to bees and what you can do to support bee populations in your own backyard. Remember: what helps the bees helps the butterflies. 86 pages, 14 MB.

Newlon, Carol & Mike (April 2017). "Butterflies of Two South Carolina Fourth of July Counts." Photos from the Hobcaw Barony and Francis Marion National Forest counts. 98 pages, 20 MB.

Burgiel, Joe (March 2017). "2016 Year in Review." An array of photos from the NABA-NJ Club field trips, counts, picnic and other outings in 2016. 146 pages, 106 MB.

Wander, Wade (February 2017). "2016 NABA Meeting in Texas—Part Dos: Persistence, Perspicacity, and Perspiration, Y’all." An array of (mostly) non-butterflies photographed by NABA - New Jersey Butterfly Club members at various sites within the Lower Rio Grande Valley during the week of October 29 to November 2, 2016. 80 pages, 49 MB.

Wander, Sharon (January 2017). "Butterflies of the 2016 NABA Members’ Meeting." Butterflies photographed by NABA-New Jersey Butterfly Club members at various sites within the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas, during the week of October 29-November 5, 2016. 111 pages, 92 MB.

The Pearly-Eye: Field Reports of the NABA New Jersey Butterfly Club

For more than a decade the NJ Butterfly Club published an annual review of sightings, activities and trends, called the Pearly-Eye. These reports can be viewed here:

2011 Pearly-Eye
2010 Pearly-Eye
2009 Pearly-Eye
2008 Pearly-Eye
2007 Pearly-Eye
2006 Pearly-Eye
2005 Pearly-Eye
2004 Pearly-Eye
2003 Pearly-Eye
2002 Pearly-Eye
2001 Pearly-Eye

Bibliography: Butterfly Identification and Distribution

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