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Eufala Skipper

Lerodea eufala

Identification: Tiny (forewing <0.5"). Above: FW dark brown with half-circle of pale spots. HW unmarked dark brown. Below: Pale, washed-out, gray-brown with obscure spotband across HW. Similar skippers: Faded Tawny-edged Skipper would probably show some orange along leading edge of FW.

NJ Status and Distribution: Immigrant. Only a few records from NJ—all in September at Cape May Point in the early 1990’s until one was photographed at the Rea Farm, Cape May County on 11/18/21.

NJ Range Map-Eufala Skipper

Habitat: Many open areas including disturbed sites.

Flight Period: Most likely to turn up in late summer and fall.

Caterpillar Food Plants: Grasses.

Overwintering Stage: Does not overwinter in NJ.

Good Locations: None, but dry, grassy fields and gardens in Cape May probably the best bet.

Comments: A good ID clue to remember is this species' habit of quickly flipping its wings once or twice after landing.

Eufala Skipper

Falcon SP, TX, 10/30/09.

Eufala Skipper

NABA Butterfly Park, TX, 10/23/09