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Willowemoc-Fir Brook area field trip report: Four intrepid club members joined Renee Davis for this special out-of-state trip. The temperature was high 50's to low 60's with early sun turning to clouds as the day progressed. Despite the less than ideal conditions, 12 species were observed including both target species - Arctic Skipper and Harris's Checkerspot, both long absent from New Jersey. Normally a trip report is posted on the Recent Sighting page, but since we don't have a New York page, here is the full species list for this trip: Arctic Skipper - 15, Pepper and Salt Skipper - 9, Common Ringlet - 20, Hobomok Skipper - 7, Long Dash - 1, Little Wood-satyr - 1, White Admiral - 2, Pearl Crescent - 3, Harris's Checkerspot - 2, Eastern Tiger-swallowtail - 10, Canadian Swallowtail - 1, American Copper - 1.

Check out some Photos from this trip.

2024 Fort Indiantown Gap Grassland and Regal Fritillary Butterfly Tours! The schedule for these enjoyable and informative tours has been announced. 2024 tour dates will be July 4, 5, 6, and 7 (Thursday-Sunday).

Just as in the past two years, they will require all attendees (babies and children included) to:

  • Register/create an iSportsman account. (If attendee is already registered in iSportsman from previous years, do not register again, but instead move directly to the safety briefing and then permit selection, available May 28.)
  • Obtain one Free permit (permits visible AFTER registrant views and completes the 2024 Grassland and Butterfly safety brief video. Available May 28.)

Registration and all additional information may be found at this updated website: ButterflyTours - Fort Indiantown Gap - iSportsman.

Note: Early intelligence informs us that July 6 will be the date of the Springdale Butterfly Count. Please be aware that if regular participants in this event choose to visit Indiantown Gap instead - there will be consequences!

Our Next Meeting

Please remember that there is no meeting in July (Butterfly Counts) or August (Club Annual Picnic).

  • Presenting - To be announced
  • Speaker - To be announced
  • Tuesday, September 3, 2024 – 7:30 PM

Full details are found on our Upcoming Events page.

Our Next Field Trip

Wawayanda State Park and Appalachian Trail lands

  • Date: JUNE 22 (JUNE 23), 9:30
  • Location: Vernon Twp., Sussex County
  • Leaders: Wade and Sharon Wander (973) 271-0204 or 0051

The club has not visited Vernon in several years so it is time to return. We will go to several locations on state land where we hope to see Giant Swallowtail, Banded and Juniper hairstreaks, Northern Pearly-eye, Appalachian Brown, Eyed Brown, anglewings, emperors, Red-spotted Purple, Common Ringlet, and maybe Baltimore Checkerspot. See Appalachian Trail Lands site description on this website.

Meet at Maple Grange Park at 36 Maple Grange Road. Bathrooms available. Lunch, ice cream, and bathrooms at nearby Heaven Hill Farm.

Our Full List of Field Trips contains everything you need to know about this and all our outings. Please join us!

Butterflies You Might See This Month

It's a beautiful day - time to go butterflying. Wondering what you might see here in New Jersey this time of year?

Butterflies In The News

11/3/23: “How butterflies can help scientists detect cancer” from EurekAlert! operated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Read it here.

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